Topics of reports of foreign scientists at the Plenary session

The program of the Plenary session of the conference was approved.

Tatyana Ryba, Vice-President of the International society of sports psychology, will speak at the Plenary session with the report “Cross-cultural and cultural psychology of sports: theoretical and methodological reflections on the topic of cultural competence”. In his report Tatiana Ryba he will give his understanding of how the concept of culture is perceived in the scientific community of specialists in sports psychology, and will reveal the significance of this direction for the development of sports psychology in the intercultural space.

David Peris Delcampo Vice-President of the Spanish Federation of sports psychology will present the report “Competence of a sports psychologist” based on modern requirements for representatives of this profession.                          

Michael Botting, chief sports psychologist at the Scottish Institute of sport, will present a report on his long-term experience in training highly qualified athletes in more than 23 sports.

Professor Alex Garcia Mass from Spain will make a presentation   “Sport Psychologist today and the (new?) technologies”



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