Mikhail Botting

Chief Sports Psychologist at the Scottish Institute of Sports. He is the official sports psychologist for the UK Curlin team (including the Paralympic Team), skiing and figure skating at the 2012 Sochi Olympics and 2018 PyongChan.

Banayan Alexandra Anatolyevna

Head of the Laboratory of Psychology and Psychophysiology of Sports, St. Petersburg Scientific Institute of Physical Culture (SPbNIIIFK), St. Petersburg, PhD

Lovyagina Alexandra Evgenievna

Associate Professor, Head of the Master's Program in Sports Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, St. Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, PhD

Inessa Rodionova

Professor, PhD, Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (MSTUCA), Moscow.

Ryba Tatiana(Finland)

Vice president ISSP Adjunct Professor (title of Docent), Department of Psychology, Special field “Cultural sport and exercise psychology,” University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Simonenkova Irina

Ph.D. , psychologist General secretary of the Latvian Association of Sport Psychology; Deputy Chairman of the Ethics Commission of Latvian Psychologists

Tiunova Olga

Rector of the national Institute of Biomedicine and sports, leading researcher of the Federal state budgetary institution "Federal scientific center of physical culture and sports", Moscow

Ulaeva Lira

President of the Association of sports psychologists, Moscow PhD, associate Professor, psychologist of the state budgetary institution "Moscow city physical culture and sports Association" Department of sports of the city of Moscow (GBU "MGFSO" Moskomsport)

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